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2, Rue Eugène Sue

38100 Grenoble



logoprovides comprehensive custom market research that enables its clients to estimate target market size and provide them with a clear vision of market landscape, challenges and requirements. The research offers a clear and realistic analysis of the various target applications, including a competitive product or technology analysis that highlights the performance and limitations of each. The provided studies also describe the main players within each segment and project the market evolutions over the short term. As a result, OPTERIS can assist the client in implementing the technology or product roadmap, in calculating a correct target price and in deploying appropriate type of sales channels (distributor, OEM, direct sales). In executing its research and validating the information it provides, OPTERIS relies on a wide range of public and commercial resources, science database as well as its own international expert network.

Phone : +33 622 382 048

Fax : +33 476 090 350

E-Mail : info@opteris.fr

Web : http://www.opteris.fr


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